Real estate

The real estate department deals with several highly important tasks to enhance the level of management and assessment for both non performing and performing or sub-performing loans:

Non performing loans

  • Valuation of single guarantee to define the liquidation value of the property as collateral.
  • Negotiations with the debtor for the granting of an order to sell through a broker to avoid the costs of foreclosure.
  • Promote judicial auctions on a regional scale through a commercial network in order to speed up the outcome.
  • Take part in auctions to defend the claim, adding value to the purchased property and the manage the reselling (Reoco).

Performing and sub-performing loans

  • Ratings on concessions of land and property credit, both for corporate customers and retail, periodic reviews of real estate appraisal.
  • Check out the investment plan, draw up a working progress report and write out the preparatory documents for the resolution of allocation.
  • Acquisition of order to sell property, subject to a mortgage guarantee, by the network of CAF brokers.

The MIS property data sheet is used by all CAF real estate teams to carry out the following activities:

Back Office
  • Document review
  • Accept assignments
  • Internal assignments
  • Contact clients
  • Site inspection
  • Upload data onto MIS
Service Quality
  • Network support
  • Qualitative assessment of the adequacy and consistency of the appraisal
  • Validation of the appraisal
  • Review of the substance of the final appraisal
  • Validation
  • Authentication