Real Estate

CAF, through its subsidiary FT Real Estate, carries out real estate brokerage on property belonging to private citizens and companies. Operations take place both on the open market and in foreclosure and bankruptcy proceedings; the network of brokers covers the whole national territory.

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FT Real Estate head offices are in Rome, Piazza SS Apostoli 73.


Properties for sales

Management and marketing, at a national level, of RE assets bought at auctions through a purpose-built real estate vehicle (RE.O.CO.); Marketing, prior to the auction, of attached assets under foreclosure and with mandate endorsed by the debtor for a voluntary sale.

Real Estate Auctions

Promote the sale of assets being put up for auction through website Ft Real and on all leading real estate portals (, and seek potential buyers through a national network of brokers.


Advertise real estate put up as collateral in order to sell the credit to specialized potential investors.