MIS Information System

CAF has developed an internal web-based management system (M.I.S.), which records fundamental data for the evaluation and management of distressed loans (debtors, credit lines, loans, real estate, guarantees, mortgages, legal procedures, etc.), becoming the work platform for all the people involved in the evaluation and management processes (managers, lawyers, brokers, investors, suppliers, clients, etc.).


A unique working platform combined|integrated|flexible|functional|safe


Management of the evaluation and reporting processes in a single system


Ability to interface to banking systems and official Courts websites


Programmed to be easily used and Modified


Custom built to meet the needs of the investors


Monitoring of activities, dataprotection,segregation of environments


The main steps covered by the M.I.S for collection are

La fasi del processo
Post acquisition due diligence
Draw up the Business Plan and track the results
Extrajudicial management of positions

Judicial management of positions
  • Start up legal procedures
  • Assign /annul mandates to lawyers
  • Monitor and follow through legal procedures
  • Monitor and follow through auctions

Management of real estate
  • Appraisals
  • Track the course of the procedure
  • Marketing
  • Re.O.Co

Services (investigations, property valuation, accounts, reports, mortgages, etc.)
Manage and monitor costs
Draw up, verify and approve resolutions
Manage collections

  • Portfolio classification
  • Debtor classification
  • Business Plan


Both the application and the MIS integrated database are compatible with Cloud and are stored in clusters on two different servers to ensure top performance and avoid any kind of interruption even in the case of ordinary maintenance. In order to protect all stored data, daily backups are carried out and data is accessible only from the internal system of the infrastructure.

Company IT architecture guarantees the highest security standards (eg. disaster recovery, business continuity) through a CloudIaaS infrastructure developed by IBM its subsidiary SOFTLAYER, and applies a "cloud-based" backup, resetting and filing of data. Data retrieval, through the SmartCloud Virtualized Server, is managed through remote access for preventive tests and ensures an exceptionally fast response with resetting times ranging from one to six hours, according to the data volume.


For Reporting operations CAF uses an M.I.S. function and a specifically selected team with an outstanding experience gained from operating with and customizing targeted services for more than ten clients with highly diverse requirements.

The main Reporting is as follows

Monthly Reports, provide details on: (i) Total collections per month subdivided per debtor/line, with backdated reports from the date of assignment; (ii) details of total monthly management costs per debtor / line and nature of costs (legal, advertising, etc.), capitalization and payment, and a copy of the documentation if requested; (iii) Portfolio structure, the opened and closed positions, the GBV, sums already cashed in and those expected, details on sources of recovery, profit and loss at the closing of each month , the legal stage reached and the updated value of the guarantees; (iv) servicing costs.

Quarterly Reports, provide details on collections and costs relating to the single sub-portfolio.
Current data is compared to the data contained the approved business plan and forecasts:

  • The expected collections for the following quarter and the last updated forecasts;
  • The development of ongoing procedures;
  • Stock of the settlement resolutions;
  • The trend in the liquidation of the collateral.

Annual Business Plan for each debtor, for all mortgage-backed portfolios and a statistical report for unsecured portfolios. The business plan supplies forecasts on collections, timing and costs, based on the recovery strategy.