Management process



Allow the full knowledge of loans

DD on new loans under management:

  • Database upload
  • Data check and integration
  • Digital files upload
  • Portfolio stratification
  • Legal status analisys
  • Lawyer management
  • Valuation of guarantees
  • Defining strategies
Review of the portfolio value

Loan Management

Structuring activities to maximize revenues while reducing recovery times

Planning and goal setting:

  • First business plan
  • IRR analisys
  • Positions assignment
  • External lawyers
  • Collateral market value control (large ticket)
Judicial Activity:
  • Foreclosures/Bankruptcies
  • Arrangements
  • Procedures on guarantors
Extrajudicial Activity:
  • DPO/Piani di rientroì
  • Rifinanziamento del debitore
  • Business with real estate
Loan Monetization:
  • Leader in special situation
  • Loan/Ptf sale
  • Marketing
  • Business plan
  • Bid at convenient auctions
  • Post repossess activity


Ensure compliance with the resolutions

Report on activities and collections:

  • Transfer to the Closing Office
  • Resolution monitoring
  • Conclusion of contracts
  • Collection check
  • Mortgage cancellation