Loan management


The boarding process is the first management step, spread over a period which, depending on the size of the portfolio and the type of credit,  can vary from 30 to 120 days and is divided into the following phases:

  • Uploading data on the portfolio onto the management system.
  • Scanning, Indexing and uploading of optical archives in the specific fields of the management system.
  • Cataloguing and archiving of paper files.
  • Preliminary due diligence verification and data updating.
  • Assignment of positions to the team working on the project.
  • Send notices to debtors and guarantors.
  • Start up collateral evaluation processes on guarantees and retrieve commercial, income and tracing information.
  • Analysis of each single position to identify the most appropriate recovery strategy.


The management of each portfolio is assigned to a skilled team put together according to the type of loan and the experience and preparation of the loan managers whose main tasks covered are as follows:

  • Negotiating with debtors to evaluate the possibility of an amicable settlement.
  • Verify whether  initiating or continuing ongoing  legal action is appropriate and favourable.
  • Assign external brokers to positions secured by real estate, in order to favour out-of-court liquidation or enhance participation in auctions.
  • Use of complementary and integrative methods to  advertise the auction in order to increase the chances of a sale at current market value.      
  • Monitoring of legal activities assigned to lawyers held to complying to in -house policy.
  • For all secured loans, loan managers are responsible for the drawing up and updating of a business plan to cover each position; this plan  sets the standard by which all settlement proposals are compared (comparison based on the net present value)..
  • The unsecured loan management is done through a process of industrialized elaboration, based on algorithms redefined for each specific portfolio so as to outline the characteristics and maximize results.


All processes following a settlement agreement or related to allocation and assignment of procedures are  entrusted to the closing office which deals with all the related formalities, monitoring, notifications and the registering of collections, right through until the position has been closed.

Monitoring and Reporting

The management system, M.I.S,. offers a steady monitoring of the progress, is able to assess any deviations and the causes, and  issue advanced management reports structured according to the needs of the Principals as well as the specific targets of the in-house evaluation team, the single loan manager and if the portfolio performance is in line with  the  business plan and the assigned targets.