Ensure both superior service for our clients and stable profitability and cash generation for CAF. CAF is committed to maintaining a sound organization through a firm compliance regime and rigorous internal processes.

CAF is a servicer managing residential mortgages, commercial loans, and consumer finance loans, both on performing, unlikely to pay loans and non-performing loans, on behalf of third parties. CAF also supplies due diligence advisory services to Italian Banks and international investors.

Authorized to performing servicing activities in compliance with art. 115 TULPS and rated by S&P (above average), currently manages throughout Italy a total loan portfolio of € 8.5 billion made up of € 2.8 billion in residential and commercial mortgage loans and € 5.7 billion in unsecured and deficiency loans granted to small and midsize enterprises or households.

Strongly focussed on banking and financial loans, not managing tax, health or commercial receivables, the company operates in four distinct business areas, alongside valuation and advisory activities:

  • Portfolios entrusted to management by international investors and securitization vehicles.
  • Portfolios outsourced by Banks operating in the Italian market.
  • Phone collection processes, referring to specific mandates from third parties, particularly in the context of consumer credit, as well as internal portfolios services falling within different areas, limited to the lowest unsecured credit.
  • Closing processes related to the activities following the definition of agreements with debtors, credit transfers and post-guarantee activities in the execution and concourse procedures, in addition to the monitoring of receipts.

Since 2005, CAF has been appointed as advisors in more than 120 different deals assessing the documentation, gathering information on borrowers and guarantors, data processing and updating on CAF or bank IT system, drafting business plan for each loan, estimating cash-flows and timing.

Real estate activities have been performed on distressed assets in parallel with all due diligence process and on each asset linked to loan under management (yearly review). More than 24,000 evaluations on different assets have been carried out: residential, industrial, commercial, hotel, under construction, that have been put up to guarantee distressed loans.

With offices in Rome, Milan and Orte, CAF employs more than 190 resources supported by an external network of lawyers, real estate appraisers and brokers, home-collection agencies. The core element of CAF information technology (IT) architecture is its loan management system (MIS).

CAF was set up in 2004 by private investors. In 2015 an US private equity firm  has acquired 100% of company. In 2017 CAF has been acquired by Intrum Justitia - Lindorff Group.